Gifts for the Temple

1. What did King David tell the men of Israel he planned to do?

2. Why did the Lord say He did not want David to build a house for His name?

3. Who did the Lord choose to build His house?

a. Joash

b. Solomon

c. Asa

d. All of the above

4. What did the Spirit of the Lord give to David, so he would know how to build the house?

5. Who was to carry out the work of building the house?

6. What else did the plans tell in great detail?

7. What had David gathered for the construction of the building?

a. Marble

b. Wood

c. Jewels

d. All of the above

8. Which part of the house did David say should be covered with silver and gold?

9. What other things were to be made out of silver and gold?

10. David asked all the people to give something. What was he hoping to receive?

11. How did David describe “our days on the earth”?

a. Like a shadow

b. Like sand in an hourglass

c. As fleeting

d. As long as eternity

12. Why did he say he and his people were so willing to give their time and wealth?

Who Am I?

My weakness and my strength were hidden in my hair. I liked to make others try to guess my riddles. My life was devoted to God, who gave me the strength everyone saw. Who Am I?


Here's a Riddle

Want to write your own riddle? It may be easier to start with the answer first. For example, if the answer is, “I am a raccoon,” the riddle could be: “Why do I wear a mask all day when I have nothing to hide?” Now see if your friends can guess your riddle or make up one of their own.

Solomon builds God's temple and brings the ark from Zion. — 2 Cnicles 1:14–5:14

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