Our King Is Born

1. Who was the ruler of Jerusalem when the wise men searched for the newborn “king of the Jews”?

a. Caesar

c. Philip

b. Herod

d. Augustus

2. What did the wise men follow as they traveled to Bethlehem?

a. A caravan

b. A comet

c. A star

d. A map

3. How did Herod know where the child would be born?

4. Who did the prophet say would come from Bethlehem?

5. What did Herod ask the wise men?

6. Why did Herod say he wanted to find the child?

7. Where did the star lead the wise men?

8. What were the gifts the wise men brought for the baby?

a. Gold

b. Incense

c. Myrrh

d. All of the above

9. Why did the wise men decide not to return to Herod?

Where's the Star?

The three wise men didn't always have an easy time following the star that led to the town of Bethlehem. You won't have an easy time finding the five pointed star hiding in this puzzle, either!

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