Duck on a Rock

Duck on a Rock was the game that inspired the modern game of basketball. Here are the rules:

One player guards the platform (usually a tree stump or large stone), which has a smaller stone sitting on top of it. The smaller stone is called a drake. The other players toss their stones (known as ducks) at the drake to knock it off. Once the drake is knocked off, players run to retrieve their ducks. If a player is tagged before returning to the throwing line, he becomes the guard. Before the guard tags anyone, she has to pick up a duck at her feet and put the drake back on the platform. Have fun, but be careful how you toss the stones!

No Law of the Jungle

Why are there no fair sports players in the jungle?

Because of all the cheetahs!


The first basket in that first game in 1892 would have been a three pointer in any league, college or pro, because even the NBA three-point arc is less than 24 feet from the hoop. That means James's first game would have been 3-0 instead of 1-0 if the three pointer had existed.

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