Miami Marlins

Founded in 1993
Other Names: Florida Marlins
2 World Championships (1997, 2003)
2 NL pennants

Even though they've only been around since 1993, the Marlins already have won two World Series championships. For their first, in 1997, the team brought in many star players who earned big, big salaries. Even though they won, the team owner decided he couldn't afford to keep paying his stars.

So the team held a fire sale, in which they traded pretty much every good player on the team. Thus, the Marlins were the worst team in baseball for the next two years and didn't have another winning season until 2003.

The good news was that the Marlins got talented players in trades and draft choices during their fire sale. In 2003, 72-year-old Jack McKeon took over as manager and led his young team to the playoffs, where they won a close series against the Giants, the Cubs, and finally the Yankees in the World Series.

Since then, the Marlins have been known for having the smallest payroll in the majors—the entire Marlins team has usually made less money than one star player for the Yankees. But the Marlins have still managed to field good teams. They are trying to continue their success in a new stadium, which is due to open in the 2012 season. When they move, they will change the team's name to the Miami Marlins.

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