Practicing yoga, either alone or as a couple, will increase your flexibility. It will also increase your focus, which will aid in lovemaking. If you are partnered, the sexercises can be fun for not only movement but to play with gender equality and balance. These postures were chosen for their direct ability to promote sexual health.

Yoga is also another term associated with practices that help to unify apparent opposites. The practice of hatha yoga, for example, tones not only the muscles, it massages and keeps healthy the vital internal organs in our bodies as well. It harmonizes the body and the mind by connecting conscious breathing with focusing the mind.

When doing yoga, you are actually performing an active meditation. You are focusing your energy on certain internal, as well as external, points. You bring much more awareness to the body and mind with yoga.

Westerners see yoga as exercises to keep limber, but yoga is much more than that. Yoga focuses the mind, promotes health in the internal organs, and opens the practitioner to awareness of inner struggle and personal growth opportunities.

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