Types of Rear-Entry Positions

The Kama Sutra names the rear-entry positions after animals, as this is their natural source. This adds a creative, evocative essence to them. It even goes as far as to suggest that couples mimic the sounds and attitudes of the animals that inspired the position.

The Deer

“If the lady, eager for love, goes on all fours, humping her back like a doe, and you enjoy her from behind, rutting as though you'd lost all human nature, it is called: The Deer.” Try this position first with both partners on their knees. It's best for the woman to support herself with both her hands, on all fours, so that she can keep her spine moving and undulating. Use the different rhythms and depths of penetration to explore how this basic position feels to both of you.

A great variation on this position is for the woman to lift one of her legs so that her lover can hold it up for her. Alternate lifting each leg as one will most likely be more effective than the other. Make a study of how it feels, and communicate your findings to your lover for future reference.

The Dog

“If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists round to gaze into your face, experts in the art of love say it is: The Dog.” The variations on all of these positions lend themselves well to different locations around the house and yard. Try this position on a padded chair or the couch.

The Elephant

“When your mistress lays breasts, arms, and forehead to the carpet, raising her buttocks high, and you guide your penis into her yoni, it is called: The Elephant.” Though this isn't a great G-spot position, it has many advantages. It is restful and comfortable, and also very erotic. If you like your partner to play with and stimulate your anal area, this is a great position.

This is also a good position for stimulating the man by caressing his scrotum or his inner thighs. You can help him stay focused on nonejaculatory pleasure by cupping his scrotum in your hands and gently applying pressure with a downward pull. You can apply pressure to his perineum area also, which is the exterior access to his prostate gland.

The “love handles,” or waistline area of the torso, are exquisite erogenous zones. Hold on here often and even caress the sides of the torso from under the arms all the way down the sides to the hips. Holding on firmly in this area, to facilitate thrusting, is very erotic for both the man and the woman.

▲ The Elephant Position

The Reverse Monkey Position

“The round-thighed woman on the bed grasps her ankles and raises high her lotus feet; you strike her to the root, kissing and slapping open-palmed between her breasts—this is The Monkey.” A much easier variation on this position has the man sit back on his thighs and the woman sit back on top of him, still in the rear-entry position. Men should try putting one hand on their partner's heart and one on the lower part of her stomach in this position. Hold her close and undulate like a wave, connected at the core. This is a great G-spot posture.

▲ The Monkey Position
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