The Kinds of Physical Unions

The Kama Sutra divides men and women into several distinctive categories depending on the size of the genitals, the nature of the desire of the individual, their timing, and the shape of their genitals. As you can imagine it gets to be quite a science to determine exactly who you are in this milieu of combinations. These categories and combinations may help you if you are in either extreme end of the spectrum. Otherwise, it may be wise to read them purely for the erotic knowledge.

Genital Categories

Yoni and lingam sizes are said to be of three kinds with a total of nine combinations possible for intercourse. Man is divided into three classes: the Hare Man, the Bull Man, and the Horse Man, according to the size of his lingam. Woman also, according to the depth of her yoni, is either a female deer, a mare, or a female elephant.

The Kama Sutra describes these various types as such:

  • The Hare Man is a lively individual with a slight body type and a gentle manner. His lingam is considered to be of the small variety and measures about six finger widths in length, which is equivalent to about 4 inches.

  • The Bull Man has a sturdy body and holds himself with esteem. He is considered of a medium size and his temperament is hearty and energetic. When erect, he measures about eight finger widths, or 5fi inches.

  • The Stallion, or Horse Man, is the largest of the three. He is said to be tall and muscular and has a sense of adventurism and daring. He measures twelve finger widths, which equals about 8 inches.

  • The Deer Woman is the smallest of the types of women. She's of slight build, is gentle, and it is said that her secretions smell like a new lotus blossom opening. Her yoni is narrow and not very deep, thus she is best pared with the Hare Man.

  • The Mare Woman has a medium-size yoni. She is said to be sturdy in body, and conducts life with a flare. Her personality is positive and sensuous. She is best suited to partner with a Bull Man, and her vulva area is full and generous.

  • The Elephant Woman is large boned and often has a taller-than-average body. She is affable and agreeable and can have a rather ruddy complexion. She is best partnered with a Stallion Man as he can bring her deep yoni the most pleasure.

Expanding Ancient Beliefs

Though these categories are rather simplistic, they do point out that humans can vary tremendously in their features. It is more obvious that men differ in the size of their genitals than women, as their genitals are mostly hidden. The largest percentage of men and women fall into the center category, though, with exceptions on either side.

In a survey of 2,400 people on the Web site, fewer than 29 percent said they liked their body size and shape. Cultural images of skinny models and big muscles tend to lead us astray in under-standing that our bodies work well for us when we put aside our self-talk and come fully to the present moment in our sexual activities.

Though it seems rational and wise advice to pick a partner who fits your size, you can't tell your mind who to fall in love with. There will always be those lovers who may not have the perfect fit. With creative attention to the variety of positions that can be used to shape your experience, there need not be any “low” unions, as Vatsyayana called the imperfect fit.

The G-spot is only about 1fi inches inside of the yoni. If both partners are in good health and the woman has kept her PC or vaginal muscles in strong shape, the size of the partner's genitals isn't really of concern. A variety of great sexual positions can create the best connections when both the man and woman understand their bodies and know the very best ways to guarantee a pleasurable experience.

Lingam Shapes

In addition to size, ancient texts examine the distinct shapes of a man's lingam. These shapes have nothing to do with size. Again, three categories are sighted:

  • A penis with the head and shaft of the same dimensions in width.

  • A penis with the shaft thicker than the head.

  • A penis with the head thicker around than the shaft.

The penis with the head thicker around than the shaft is said to be the best shape for friction to the G-spot in the woman, hence the most pleasure. The frenulum catches on the G-spot with every stroke out and puts a maximum amount of pressure in this area. Positions in which the woman puts her legs back against her body and in high positions on her partner's shoulders can create the same pressure and friction.

Approximately 80 percent of men have penises that are “average” size: this means between 5 and 7 inches in length with the most common being 6 to 6fi inches. Girth is commonly between 4fi and 5fi inches.

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