Positions for Large Couples

Your willingness to remain supple in your body and to maintain a fun attitude goes a long way in creating new experiences for you as partners. Remember that your body is your temple, so don't get stopped by issues such as size and shape. Each position can be played with, experimented with, added to, and explored by any size couple, but these suggestions work well for larger couples.

The positions that might best suit you are the rear entry, modified Yab/Yum, woman on top, and a kind of scissors form. One key is to have a lot of varied-size pillows around the bed so that you are perfectly comfortable with some of these modifications. You may even want to try a love-swing to create a feeling of weightlessness.

Rear-Entry Positions

Rear-entry positions are unique in that the woman is facing away from her partner. This keeps your tummies from competing for space. The woman can either be on hands and knees with the man behind, or she can be in this same position but the man is standing. This gives both of you maximum leeway to move around. This is also an excellent G-spot position, and in general, standing increases the strength of the man's erection. I highly suggest a hand mirror for the woman to hold so that the two of you can eye gaze while making love.

Modified Yab/Yum Position

The Modified Yab/Yum Position is when the man sits on a fairly firm surface with his legs out and slightly apart. His partner sits on him with a firm pillow under her buttocks. She can lean back slightly against a wall or headboard as a variation. This would increase the friction on her G-spot.

Experiment, experiment, experiment—try new positions, use pillows and love furniture, create scenarios that appeal to your imaginations, tease and titillate each other, and get away to other locations. In other words—play at sex! Childlike innocence can serve you well in the bedroom.

Woman-Superior Positions

In the woman-superior positions, if the woman stays upright and doesn't lean toward her partner too much, their tummies won't get in the way and, again, this is a great G-spot position. If it is appropriate, hang a bar or rod from the ceiling that the woman can hold on to during lovemaking to lift herself up and down with. This creates easier thrusting, and it's fun and exciting to consider. You can take it down when not in use.

The Twinning Branches

The Twinning Branches is an easy position that can be relaxing, too. It is easiest to describe by using your hands to first create the concept with. Open up the fingers on both of your hands, make the “scissors” shape with your first and second fingers on each hand, and put them together to “cut” each other. The resulting shape would be the position that the two of you would assume. This position is comfortable and restful and is easily adjusted to get the best fit for both of you.

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