Female Ejaculation

Yes, it's true, women ejaculate. It typically doesn't come in cups but in about the same amount as a man's ejaculate. It can pulse out, squirt out, dribble out, or come in little pulses. The women who recognize that they ejaculate tend to have strong vaginal muscles, good deep- breathing techniques, and often make deep sounds when they are in ecstasy.

Many women have been embarrassed that they “wet the bed” during sex and have done everything in their power to try to prevent it from occurring. We now know that women ejaculate and it has become something that women want to do. Don't push yourself to learn to ejaculate, though. It can be freeing, but it doesn't necessarily add to the orgasmic experience.

During G-spot play, you may want to try really opening up your vocal cords and letting out deep, resonate sounds and moans from your mouth. Play with the sounds freely to see what happens. Try it some time when the kids aren't home. Don't worry too much about the neighbors.

There are a few good videotapes on female ejaculation if you really want to explore it further. Be prepared with a thick towel and a willing spirit. You will feel the urge to pee but that is just your urethra being stimulated near the entrance of your vagina. It doesn't mean you are going to urinate. Sometimes a little urine is pushed out from the bladder during ejaculation so before trying this, go to the bathroom and make sure you have emptied your bladder.

Your partner isn't responsible for your orgasmic pleasure—you are. It is your responsibility to know what you need and to ask for it appropriately. Don't blame your lover if you are not getting the proper stimulation that you need to have orgasm pleasure.

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