Body Characteristics and Genital Size

The Chinese Taoists developed involved theories about body parts, and even posture as it might pertain to genital size and sexual temperament. These theories developed over thousands of years and so may be considered at least somewhat accurate. Though none of us would go around searching the thumb shape or eye structure in order to find a prospective mate, it's an interesting study in possibilities.

Marriage Partners in Ancient Times

In the days when parents and matchmakers found marriage partners for their children, it was important to choose robust and good sexual matches. People were very concerned with continuing their lineages, producing grandchildren, and honoring their ancestors. Matches were made when the two to be married were very young, and so facial and body structure, as well as feet and hand structure became important factors in choosing partners.

▲ Body characteristics make interesting study.

Facial Characteristics

Some of the interesting conclusions include eye structure patterns that can indicate certain types of people. People with large eyes tend to be great lovers. Small eyes indicate a rational, straight-thinking personality type. Men with large eyes are expert lovers, whereas women with large eyes are more open and willing.

Most cultures believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That is why it is important to leave a soft light on while making love and to practice keeping your eyes open during sexual activity. Witnessing your lover and having him or her witness you creates an intimate bubble that surrounds the couple and keeps them completely connected.

The Taoists believed that abundant facial and body hair means that you have a deep sexual appetite. Thick eyebrows equal thick pubic hair, which was very desirable. Full, long eyebrows on a man indicate a long, robust penis.

Full, fleshy earlobes and large ears predict a strong sexual appetite. Long noses in men indicate long, strong lingams. Small, flat noses in women indicate a warm personality and a short, wide vaginal canal. If the nose of the woman is long, it predicts a sexually aggressive woman with an abundance of energy.

What is your sexual profile?

Look at the categories in this chapter and rate yourself by making a simple list of the qualities that you see in yourself. If you are partnered, ask your lover to do the same. If you see some areas where you believe you may not quite mesh, list some creative ideas to help you expand your lovemaking in those areas.

Hand Characteristics

The Taoists constructed a detailed analysis of the structure of the hands and fingers for predicting the size of men's and women's genitals. They believed that long, straight fingers, especially the first finger, indicated a long penis. In contrast, short, stocky fingers indicated a thick penis. A thumb that is narrow at the base where it meets the hand but wide at the tip means that this man possesses a penis with a head that is larger than the shaft. This is a good sign for a great lover.

Women with straight fingers have a wide vaginal opening and a wide interior vagina. If their thumbs are narrow at the base near the hand and wide at the tip, then the entrance to the vagina is narrow and the interior is wide. Short fingers indicate a short, narrow vaginal canal.

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