Your Love Muscles

The pubococcygeus muscles, or PC muscles, are the pelvic floor muscles that hold your internal organs in place. They are the muscles you use to stop and start the flow of urine and bowel movements, or to push during childbirth. They are also part of the muscle groups that contract during an orgasm. Having strong, healthy PC muscles is an invaluable tool for having fabulous sex.

High headboards, love swings, and even the floor may all have their place in your lovemaking repertoire. Get creative and keep it fun!


Sexercises are exercises that get you in tiptop shape for sex. Sex can be exercise but when you tend to do it the same way every time, sexercises can give you a new frame of reference. Orgasms become stronger when the PC muscle groups are healthy and strong. These exercises help keep your bladder strong, your arousal levels up, and your sexual repertoire sophisticated.

This is the best set of exercises you'll ever learn. They are best known to help strengthen and tone the whole pelvic floor to prevent incontinence during middle and older age. If you keep your PC muscles in good shape, you will be better able to identify and distinguish your G-spot and anal muscles. As you perfect these exercises, you'll also begin to notice that you can isolate distinctly separate groups of muscles in your pelvic floor. This enables you to isolate your clitoris, for instance, and stimulate yourself at any time. It's an excellent trick for getting yourself “juiced up” for a hot date or romantic evening.

The Taoists knew that sexual exercises for men increased longevity, increased their sexual prowess, and kept their prostate gland in good health. In the past, these exercises were a part of many Asian men's daily health practices.

You may even be able to train yourself to have orgasms in this manner. The PC muscle exercises, known as Kegel exercises, increase blood flow to the pelvic region, which aids in the increased flow of hormones and helps engorge the vaginal area. With increased blood supply and stronger muscles, you'll be preparing yourself for better, stronger, and more amazing orgasms. Your G-spot is directly energized and stimulated when you are doing your Kegels.

Men will create stronger muscles for firmer erections and increase the angle at which their penis stands up by doing these exercises. In addition to obtaining amazing sexual prowess, a man's prostate and bladder will become much healthier. Mastery of these sexercises are the first step to improving ejaculation because they teach you to become much more aware of your pelvic floor in general and allow you to recognize how to relax completely. Relaxation is a key to ejaculation control mastery.

Kegels for Women

To begin your Kegel exercises, identify the muscle group you will be working by going into the bathroom and starting and stopping the flow of urine a few times. Make sure that you aren't mistaking the buttocks muscles for the pelvic muscles. Don't clinch your anus; just focus on your yoni area. Now, in a comfortable place to start, clinch and relax those same muscles. If this is new to you, you're not going to feel very good at it at first. Relax, breathe deeply into your belly, and focus—you'll get it. Breathe in with the clinch and out with the relax stage.

Do fifty of them at your first sitting if you can. You can roll up a small towel and sit on it the long way as you do these, though it's not necessary. It will apply slight pressure to help you feel what you are doing. Remember to relax fully between each clinch. This is very important. Go as slowly as you need to at first.

Over a period of several weeks, build up to 200 Kegel exercises a day. These should take about seven minutes and you can do them while driving or sitting at work. But, to start, do them in a quiet place so that you can really focus.

After a few weeks, you should be able to begin isolating your muscle groups. Start to feel this by focusing on your clitoris first. Squeeze as lightly as you can—right at your clitoris. Pulse a little. Now engage the next group and then the next. Don't be too discouraged if you can't feel it very strongly yet. It will happen, and you'll be amazed at the grip and power those forgotten muscles have.

There are devices available to help you get really good at these exercises. Eggs, barbells, and weights are recommended if you want to be an expert. You can even buy squeezing devices that have meters on them so that you can tell how much you are improving. These are generally recommended by doctors for women who are having a lot of trouble with incontinence.

Once a woman has gotten these exercises down, she can surprise her lover during lovemaking. Vary the sensations by exploring thrusting patterns that incorporate shallow and deep penetration along with gripping and letting go. If your partner is doing his set of sexercises, then begin to practice together in a position that both of you like.

Kegels for Men

Generally, men will follow the same instructions as women. Identify the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle group by starting and stopping the flow of urine a few times. Men can test their PC muscles by trying to use them to lift the erect penis. The higher you're able to lift your erection, the stronger your PC muscles actually are. Men, you will notice that you can “lift” your erection a little higher when you squeeze. However, you can do Kegel exercises when you don't have an erect penis.

To begin, clinch your pelvic muscles and relax consciously fifty times at one sitting. You can roll up a small towel and sit on it the long way as you do these, though it's not necessary. It will apply slight pressure to help you feel what you are doing. Remember to relax fully between each clinch and try not to squeeze your anus area. It's important to consciously try to separate the two.

Men vary in the angle of erection their penis has. Younger men tend to have angles that point upward. As men age, they tend to loose the upward swoop. This angle directly affects the G-spot in the woman. Kegel exercises can strengthen the muscles that control this arch.

Build up to 200 a day, over a period of several weeks. These should take you about seven minutes each time you do them. Some men even get to the stage of hanging weights on themselves. If you want to do this, start with a dry washcloth draped over your erection. Add weight to it later by wetting the corner.

It's important to remember to breathe deeply into your belly while doing these exercises. Breathe in with the clinch and out when you relax. Pay attention to your breath and you'll be actually meditating while doing your sexercises. Double duty!

Advanced Practice

When you have mastered 200 repetitions a day and feel like your muscles have caught up to the new exercise demands, you can add a set of sustained Kegels to your repertoire. When you first try these, you should probably be sitting in a chair with your feet on the ground.

  • Begin by slowly tightening your PC muscles to the count of ten (or to whatever number you can get to when you're beginning).

  • Hold and take one long, slow, deep belly breath and let that breath out without letting your muscles go.

  • On the next in-breath, tighten one more time. You can also visualize at your third eye point if you are so inclined at this moment. Roll your eyes up slightly to “see” it (your third eye) and visualize anything you want to bring to higher consciousness.

  • Begin to let that breath out slowly and let your muscles relax by gradually letting go. Do this in steps of ten if you can.

  • Work up to twenty reps. You can put these into the middle or at the end of your 200 regular Kegels.

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