Thrusting Techniques

One thing great lovers have learned is that it isn't just about in and out during intercourse—it's about creating a kind of dance. Subtle moves, noticing what your partner responds to, and knowing some great tricks are what make lovemaking a treat. Varying your thrusting patterns, while you pay attention to your lover's pleasure clues, will turn you into a great lover.

▲ A good position to practice thrusting techniques

Classic patterns for thrusting have come from some of the ancient Chinese erotic books. One pattern that is suggested is nine deep thrusts, then one shallow (and slow) and eight deep thrusts, then two shallow and seven deep thrusts, and so on. You increase one type as you decrease the other.

Shallow thrusting stimulates the G-spot area more effectively. Generally, a woman will like deep thrusting and shallow thrusting at different times during arousal. Ask your partner what she likes best. Try making up your own patterns with the help of your partner.

Go slowly, eye gaze, and take deep breaths into your bellies as you pay attention to the patterns. The breath carries the intense feelings throughout your body. It will expand and heighten the pleasure you are feeling and carry it throughout your body.

Try staying shallow and then surprise her with three deep thrusts. Create a dance of churning, deep thrusting, then shallow thrusting, and then reverse the dance. This is when the sexercises come in to use. They will build up your stamina and allow you to get very creative with your love moves.

Thrusting patterns also allow the man to get very excited and then transfer that excitement to the woman. Keeping track of where you are in the pattern will help you control your ejaculatory response levels, too. Don't get too lost in the act of keeping track, though. You'll get better at being able to focus both on what you are doing and the pleasure you are feeling as you practice these techniques more often.

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