Fruits that Help You Slim Down

Fruits, like vegetables, are also loaded with nutrients that support or enhance weight loss. Vitamin C, important for fat metabolism, is found in abundance in strawberries, papaya, citrus fruit, mangos, and cantaloupe. Vitamin E, also essential for fat metabolism, is found in tomatoes.

Minerals in Fruits that Facilitate Weight Loss

The mineral chromium, which regulates insulin, is found in apples. Magnesium, which is involved in energy regulation, is found in blackberries. Fruits are good sources of zinc, a mineral associated with low body fat levels. The best fruits for zinc include grapes and tangerines.

Certain fruits that are antioxidant super foods are also super weightloss foods. At the top of the list are strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries — all of which are low in calories, filling, and packed with antioxidants that promote weight loss. In addition, berries also supply a lot of energy that helps you burn off fat more quickly.

Herbs for Weight Loss

In addition to fruits and vegetables, several herbs and even a few weeds may help you lose weight. They include bladderwrack and hawthorn, which regulate thyroid and adrenal gland function; chickweed, a traditional appetite suppressant; and juniper berries, which are a diuretic and detoxification agent.

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