JFK's Mother: Rose Fitzgerald

Rose Fitzgerald enjoyed a privileged life. The family's wealth grew with the success of her father's newspaper, and they moved into a fifteen-room house in Dorchester. The school she attended, Dorchester High School for Girls, and the private lessons in piano, voice, and French all reflected the status of the Fitzgerald family.

Rose also mastered an air of social gracefulness. Her mother was a quiet religious woman who shied away from her husband's political life. In her stead, Rose took on the job of her father's companion. By the time that she was in her early twenties, she had become an important part of her father's success as she accompanied him to political events and on city business.

In 1906, Fitzgerald set his sights on a political alliance with P.J. Kennedy. He invited the Kennedy family to vacation with the Fitzgeralds at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. While their fathers forged a political union, eighteen-year-old Joseph Kennedy and sixteen-year-old Rose Fitzgerald fell in love.

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