Sample Letter From Someone Seeking Part-Time Work

Tim Concorde is applying for a job as a part-time art instructor. The employer was identified in the job listing Tim saw, so he can address the letter to a specific person. In his cover letter, he discusses why a part-time schedule is a good fit for him.

Tim Concorde

178 Armour Street

Kingsdale, PA 17340

January 28, 2007

Kay Nichols


Knightsville Elementary School

11 Cleese Lane

Knightsville, PA 17052

Dear Ms. Nichols:

I would like to apply for the part-time art instructor position advertised in the Philadelphia Daily News. I am enclosing my resume for your consideration.

I am a trained elementary art instructor with expertise in arts and crafts instruction as well as program conception and coordination. For four years, I taught art classes on a part-time basis for the Camelot School in Kingsdale. Also, I hold a State of Pennsylvania Elementary Education Certificate in Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education.

For the past year, I have been spending weekends as arts and crafts program director for the Knightsville Parks and Recreational Association. I create and facilitate programs for children, control a budget, select and purchase supplies, and supervise aides in various duties. Since this work is restricted to weekends, my weeks would be open to fulfill my responsibilities as your art instructor. I am confident I could create and maintain an exciting program at Knightsville Elementary School.

I would like to discuss my relevant experience further in a personal interview as well as share my portfolio with you. You can reach me by telephone at (215) 555-5555 or by e-mail at I will call you in one week to find out the status of my application.



Tim Concorde

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