Sample Cold Cover Letter

Cecil Ives is sending an unsolicited resume to an employer with the following cover letter. In his letter, Cecil explains why he is interested in working for this employer.

Cecil Ives

49 Wilson Street

Miami, FL 33054

November 11, 2007

Jenny Ryan

Personnel Manager

Frohman Corporation

6 Jefferson Road

Chicago, IL 60605

Dear Ms. Ryan:

I am writing to you to inquire about positions in new business development at Frohman Corporation. I am enclosing my resume for your perusal.

I have worked for five years as a district sales manager. During the last two years I have expanded my territory to include 25 new corporate clients. I am confident I can use my skills to contribute to Frohman Corporation's growth. I also have experience in the women's apparel industry. I see from my research that many of your clients are in that industry.

Please contact me at (305) 555-5555 or I will call you in about a week to confirm that you have received this letter and to discuss career opportunities with Frohman Corporation. Thank you for your consideration.



Cecil Ives

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