What Can You Offer Employers?

While it's very important to figure out what a job or industry can offer you, it's also important to spend some time thinking about what you can offer an employer. The first thing you bring is a set of skills that are necessary to do the job. You should have considered your skills during your self-assessment. If not, this is the time to do it. What skills do you have? Are your skills up to date? Are you willing to get some additional training if they are not up to date?

For example, suppose you enjoy writing. You've liked writing since you were young, and you always excelled in English and writing courses in high school and college. Now look at the industry you're considering. If you'd like to become a journalist, there are probably some skills you did not pick up from your English courses, such as interviewing and research skills. You might consider taking an adult education course in your local community, or taking some classes at a local college that you could put toward a degree if you wanted to. On a smaller scale, you could speak to the editors of some local newspapers and ask them some questions about what they look for in a journalist. All of these avenues will make you more knowledgeable about the skills you need to enter the field.

Also think about the attributes you have that do not necessarily fall under the “skill category.” For example, will your outgoing personality charm clients? Will your ambition and ceaseless energy drive you to work long hours? Once you've compiled a mental list of what you have to offer an employer, you'll be more confident in your abilities and more prepared to present them when the time comes.

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