How Long Should Your Job Search Take?

It is very hard to determine how long a typical job search will take because there are so many factors involved in what is usually a very important life decision. One school of thought suggests that the average job search lasts approximately one week for every $2,000 of income sought. For example, if your goal is a position that pays in the $30,000 range, your search will take approximately fifteen weeks. This is only a rule of thumb; keep in mind that a lot of it is chance, depending on the job market, your personal preferences, and your qualifications and presentation.

If you're like many job seekers, you'll have to contact several hundred companies before you find the right job. If you put tremendous effort into your job search and contact many companies each week, you'll probably get a job much sooner than someone who is only searching casually and sending out one or two resumes a week.

Avoid the trap of letting yourself believe that job searching is easier for everyone else than it is for you. It's all too easy to become frustrated when you aren't seeing immediate results from your hard work. At this stage in the job-search process, it's normal to have self-doubts. Don't let your doubts overwhelm you. Job searching is tough, whether you're a recent college graduate or someone who's been in the workplace for years. Stay with it, work hard, have confidence, and you will get the right job!

Again and again during your job search, you'll face rejection. You'll be rejected when you apply for interviews. You'll be rejected after interviews. For every job offer you finally receive, you'll probably have been rejected many times. Don't let rejections slow you down. Keep reminding yourself that the sooner you apply to companies and get those rejections flowing in, the closer you'll be to obtaining the job you want.

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