10 Interesting Facts About Jesus

  1. Scholars generally agree that Jesus' life is better documented than that of any other figure of historical antiquity.

  2. The church at large did not celebrate the birth of Jesus, Christmas, until between three and five centuries after the church's beginning.

  3. The church does not teach that Jesus' date of birth was December 25.

  4. Scholars have concluded that Jesus was born about five years earlier than the beginning of the current general calendar, or about 5 B.C.

  5. After a replacement was found for Judas Iscariot, all but one of Jesus' closest disciples died martyrs' deaths after keeping the faith.

  6. Jesus was circumcised as all Jewish males are, as part of their covenant with God.

  7. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, who was his second cousin.

  8. In most of the Christian world, Easter is known in the local language as the equivalent word for Passover.

  9. What Jesus considered the best and worst prayers are only one sentence each.

  10. Thousands of martyrdoms in the first three centuries of the church are generally considered the best evidence for the truthfulness of the Gospel and the biggest impetus for the church's growth.

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