The Crucifixion

The story of Jesus' trial before Pilate, his transportation to Herod, the attempts of both political leaders to wash their hands of the matter of “Jesus the accused blasphemer,” his scourging, the long trudge to Golgotha, and the crucifixion is so well known that most people can recite the main points.

discussion question

Why did Jesus entrust Mary to John?

As the beloved disciple, John was the closest thing Jesus had to a full brother. From the cross, Jesus beheld John, kinsman of Mary and himself, and his mother standing by, and said, “Mother, behold your son,” and to John, “behold your mother.” It was Jesus' last will and testament.

The mob from the Temple bound Jesus, and after consulting among the Temple leaders, took him to the palace of the Roman governor, Pilate. The disciples slunk to the background. Peter warmed his hands over a fire behind the palace, and, when asked if he hadn't been with Jesus, denied it, three times. And when the rooster crowed, it reminded him of his protestation the previous evening that he would never deny his Lord and Master. Then he wept.

All four Gospels tell the crucifixion sequence. Read John's account in John 18:16–37. John warrants to all who read his Gospel that he witnessed it all by his own eyes, and has written in his own words, “that you might believe.”

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