Top 10 Places to Visit in Ireland

  1. Dublin: From pubs and architecture to the astounding Book of Kells, Dublin continues to be one of the most interesting cities in Europe.

  2. Cliffs of Moher: It's a tough claim to make in a country as beautiful as Ireland, but these amazing 600-foot sea cliffs might just be the most picturesque spot on the island.

  3. Rock of Cashel: This monastery, church, and fortress is the island's most visually stunning reminder of medieval Ireland.

  4. Belfast: The recent peace agreement has allowed people to appreciate the city's impressive architecture and culture; there is no better place to get an understanding of the Troubles.

  5. Giant's Causeway: This eerie conglomeration of honeycomb-shaped stones on the Antrim Coast never fails to impress.

  6. Ring of Kerry: There's a reason it's packed with tourists — the mountains, lakes, and streams of this park are spectacularly beautiful.

  7. Galway: This booming college town in the West is packed with pubs, art, and energy.

  8. Newgrange: This fascinating collection of Stone Age tombs along the Boyne River Valley is known as Ireland's Stonehenge.

  9. Glendalough: This monastery's striking setting near mountain lakes almost makes you want to become a monk.

  10. Aran Islands: These craggy islands on the far-western coast give a salty taste of what Irish life was like 100 years ago.

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