The Ten Best Investment Websites

There are hundreds of investment-related sites out there in the ether. If you search around, you'll find plenty to choose from, although the quality can vary dramatically from site to site. Be careful whose advice you take, and make sure you know where their information comes from. To get you started, here is a list of the top ten investment sites, in no particular order:

  • E*TRADE ( This site offers a comfortable trading experience with lots of bonus features. Easy to use and navigate.

  • Schwab ( Serving more than 7 million investors, Schwab offers online investing with a personal touch, including easy-access research and reasonable fees.

  • TD Ameritrade ( This site offers competitive pricing, abundant third-party research, and great human customer support.

  • Sharebuilder by ING ( With commissions as low as $4 per trade, this site makes it easy to keep more of your money working for you and allows you to invest in more than 7,000 stocks and ETFs without any account minimums or inactivity fees.

  • The Motley Fool ( A great place to get financial advice, analysis and commentary in plain English, as well as personal financial calculators and investing tutorials.

  • MSN Money ( In just a few minutes, you can download a free portfolio-tracking program, which offers extensive portfolio management features, such as integrated charts and news to help you track your investments.

  • Morningstar ( Morningstar offers superior securities and market analysis, as well as excellent portfolio management tools to help you make better investment choices.

  • Reuters Financial ( This fast, easy-to-use site lets you see how your investments are faring anytime during the day and posts up-to-the-minute breaking financial and economic news.

  • CNET News ( This cutting-edge site provides IPO information, tech market updates, headline news, and much more for the investor who wants to play a little edgy.

  • Hoover's Online ( A site designed to provide information to help guide the investor through the marketplace, Hoover's offers detailed research on more than 32 million companies, assessments of industry trends, and news and analysis from outside sources.

  • The websites of traditional newspapers and magazines are also good places to look. The Wall Street Journal (, the Washington Post (, and Forbes ( all offer trustworthy information.

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