Ask the Concierge: Requesting Advice

Most upscale hotels in the Spanish-speaking world have a concierge on staff to help you with everything from making sightseeing plans and getting tickets to the symphony to recommending restaurants or helping you make sense out of a train schedule. The conserje is almost always multilingual, and is happy to assist guests in any way possible.

Ask the Concierge


Here are a few examples of questions you might have for the conserje in your hotel. Listen to each question on Track 57 as you follow along in the text. Repeat each example after you hear it.

¿Tiene folletos con información turística?

(Do you have any visitor information brochures?)

¿Me puede dar un plano del centro?

(Can you give me a map of downtown?)

¿Hay algún evento especial esta semana?

(Is there any special event this week?)

¿Nos puede ayudar a conseguir boletos?

(Can you help us get tickets?)

¿Qué excursiones recomienda?

(What excursions do you recommend?)

¿Me puede recomendar un restaurante tranquilo por aquí?

(Can you recommend a quiet restaurant around here?)

If you are staying somewhere without a concierge, you can ask the same questions of the desk clerk. If you'd like more information, just ask where the nearest tourist office is: ¿Dónde está la oficina de turismo?

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