Accompanying a Thank-You Gift

When sending a thank-you gift, a short letter adds a nice touch.

Letter Attached with a Thank-You Gift


Dear Mr. Jones:

On behalf of the Wheat Fields Public School PTA and myself, please accept this framed photograph of you presenting your generous check to our organizationas our sincere way of saying thank you for all that you've done to help support our school.

Because of your financial assistance, we were able to meet our goal. This summer's Reading is FUNdamental Program will be possible because of your help. Throughout the summer, we'll keep you posted about how the program is progressing. In fact, should you be able to find time in your busy schedule, we're hoping that you might like to attend one of the sessions. I'llsend you a copy of the dates and times for those sessions as soon as it is available.

Thank you again for your thoughtful gift.


Anthony Rice


When sending a thank-you note along with flowers or a gift to a group of people who provided a service, such as the nurses on duty during a hospital stay, it's okay to omit the heading and “address” the accompanying card with a sentiment like, “Sent with special thanks and appreciation to all the fifth floor nurses at St. Rita's Hospital.”

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