Congratulatory Notes and Letters of Congratulations

One of the nicest “gifts” you can give someone is an acknowledgment for a job well done or other achievement. Letters offering congratulations can be sent for:

  • Adoptions or births,

  • Anniversaries (marriage, business, or other special event),

  • Awards,

  • Birthdays,

  • Engagements,

  • Graduations,

  • New homes,

  • New jobs,

  • Retirements, and

  • Special achievements (honor roll, college acceptance, publication of a book, and so forth).

A letter of congratulations should be short and sweet. It should include the word “congratulations” and an acknowledgment of the accomplishment. (Never include extra news of your own. Save that information for a letter.)

Congratulatory Letter


Dear Taylor,

I just read in the paper that you made the honor roll. Congratulations!



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