Fresh Fig Gelato (Gelato di fichi)

Fresh figs are extremely perishable, and easily damaged when shipped long distances. Therefore, if your local supermarket doesn't carry any, try a farmers' market. The closer to home your figs grew, the better they will be.


  • 1 pound fresh figs, peeled
  • Juice and zest of ½ lemon
  • ¼ cup honey
  1. In small bowl, combine the peeled figs, lemon juice, and honey. Stir and allow to macerate at room temperature for 1–2 hours.

  2. After figs are ready, place all ingredients in a blender or food processor, and blend until smooth.

  3. Add to ice cream maker and follow manufacturer's instructions for freezing. Stop the churning as soon as the gelato is just frozen.

Fresh Fig Gelato

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