Self-Hypnotic Anchors

A self-hypnotic anchor is an action that creates a response. The anchor produces a reaction to a posthypnotic suggestion that was planted in your subconscious mind during a self-hypnotic trance. It may be a word or a touch, a sound or a visual cue, a smell or a taste, or an internal emotion. The stronger the suggestion that you implanted, the greater effect the anchor has in recreating the response.

How can I re-experience a positive state of mind?

Using self-hypnosis and knowledge of your strongest sense modalities, you can create a posthypnotic suggestion to respond to a positive anchor that you plant in your own subconscious mind.

How to Create an Anchor

Let's see how you establish a posthypnotic anchor. To begin, you may use the relaxation induction that you have been practicing in previous chapters. When you reach zero, tell yourself that you will feel very comfortable in a specific place in your mind that is calm and relaxing. This place may be from a memory, a new place, or just a place deep inside yourself, a place where you can have a positive experience through the uniqueness of your sense modalities.

Once you have entered your trance, tell yourself to place your thumb and forefinger together (or, if you wish, you can create your own special word or touch that is meaningful to you). This will be your anchor. The anchor you are creating will instantly remind you of how relaxed and calm you are feeling at the moment.

Every time you use your anchor, you will have this same positive feeling. This feeling will be a little different every time you experience it, and it will be experienced only as much as needed when you use the anchor. Every time you practice self-hypnosis and reinforce your anchor, it will become stronger and stronger in your subconscious mind. Each time you trigger your anchor, it will work better and be more responsive.

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