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As you have learned from this book, you can apply hypnosis to almost everything you experience. Whether the experience was in your past, is currently taking place, or is expected in your future, the moment you create or recall an image, you are in a self-hypnotic trance. You are in a trance even when you try not to be — your focus places you in an awareness trance.

The way you understand and use trance states can help or hinder you. Entering a trance is a great way to step back and assess the current situation. It can be detrimental, however, if you become caught up in a negative trance.

How can you recognize and use trances for positive results? You should now be able to recognize your own trances. You should be able to step back and examine your thinking patterns, and identify your image strengths and weaknesses. There is always something new to discover about yourself, so you are encouraged to review different sections of this book as you continue to understand and expand your mind strength model.

No one really knows you better than you do yourself — but you may not recognize what you know. This can be especially true in an area where you are naturally gifted. Someone else may have to convince you or guide you to use your abilities. If others constantly comment on something you do well, you may want to listen.

If You Can Never Get Started

It is okay to begin. The moment you think about something, you have already started the process of beginning. You may experience both positive and negative trances as you imagine getting started. You might recall other projects that you have started and didn't finish, creating self-doubt about your ability to ever complete this one. You might remember past failures that still live on in your unconscious mind.

Ask yourself what you can do in your project and what you are uncomfortable doing. Ask yourself what good would result for someone else if you started and completed it. Ask yourself what you need to get started and to finish. Perhaps you need assistance with part of the project.

The fear of failure can stop you from beginning. You may compare your results to others that you feel are much better than yours. Sometimes you may imagine the end goal, but it seems too far away and unobtainable. Many images can enter your trance when you think about starting something.

As you move into the future, you now have knowledge and self-hypnosis ability that can help you reach your goals. You can make adjustments to the goals you've already established and create new goals. Always let your three minds be involved with your decision-making and growth. The more you ask the universal mind for help, the more you will be open to receiving and recognizing help when it arrives.

If You Never Finish

You may start projects and never finish them. You may put your whole self into a project for a while, and somewhere near the end you just give up or abandon it. You may have begun an educational course, a college degree, a remodeling project, or something else, but no matter how hard you try to psych yourself up in the beginning, deep inside you know you will never finish.

Review your past projects and look for a pattern in the reasons you abandoned them. Use your imagery to create a clear picture. Ask yourself what you can learn from the past and how that knowledge will help you in the future. Talk to the part of yourself that doesn't want to finish and ask what might be done to change your negative failure image. How could your whole being work together to get the best results?

You may use self-hypnosis to help you learn from past experience so you may make better progress this time. You may give yourself permission to move forward a little bit each day.

Consider your goals, step by step, from the comfort of your trance. You may imagine how you are helping others by working toward the conclusion of a project. You may give yourself permission to do the best you can, as you use your new knowledge of hypnotic imagery.

If You Always Have to Finish

Are you a person who hates to leave anything unfinished? You know that it will stay on your mind until it is done. Did you ever finish a project, only to learn that there was more to it? Perhaps you have an attic or garage full of completed items that didn't fit the purpose after they were completed. They may take up as much space as the uncompleted projects of the person who never finishes.

When you begin a project, do you step back and examine the whole in your mind? Do you feel totally or partially responsible? Can you delegate duties easily? Do you ask for help and guidance from the universal mind?

You can always use self-hypnosis to help you allow your project to take the course of completion that is best for all. You may imagine that the unknown is constant, and that the parts will be assembled in the order that the universe designs. You have the opportunity to be a part of the universal flow. There is a time to begin and a time to finish.

If You Experience Resistance

Do you get flustered when things don't move in the direction you expected? Do you feel that you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing and what direction you are supposed to be headed in? How do you handle things that get in the way of your progress?

When resistance is happening to you, it's usually not much fun; it means that something is not going the way you want it to. If you are patient and work with the resistance instead of fighting it, you may find it was really for your benefit.

Do you force your way through, eyes straight ahead, chasing your dream or goal? Do you listen to the advice of others or the whispers from within? Do you carry resentment toward people or situations that get in the way or hold you back?

When life's resistance keeps you from moving forward, you may use self-hypnosis to examine the course of events. You may listen to your inner self and communicate with the unconscious and universal minds. You may ask for help to know the direction you should be going. You may remind yourself of your life's assignment and the role you are playing at the moment. When the resistance lifts, you may be aware of why it was there in the first place.

If You Collect Things

Do you spend your life collecting things? Perhaps you cannot resist bringing home a bargain. You go to the dump and find treasures in someone else's junk. You stockpile for a rainy day. More and more stuff accumulates as time goes by.

You may collect books, planning to read them someday soon. Your bookcase spills over with a vast library of knowledge waiting to be read. You know that you have all the parts and pieces to assemble almost anything you need. You are prepared.

As the years go by, the items you have accumulated lie in disrepair, as the elements take their toll. The information in your library becomes outdated and is no longer useful. The books are covered with dust. You may not see the change, however, as you continue to collect more for Someday.

When you consider stockpiling items for the future, be aware of the trance you are in at that moment. Ask yourself where you are going to put the new addition and whether you already have other items that are related to it. If you are unsure, you may want to consider not adding it to your collection.

If you let what is in your mind gather dust and remain unused, it, too, may go the way of material goods. A vast library of knowledge in the universal mind is also waiting for you to open it. Through self-hypnosis, you may step back and examine what to save and what to pass on to another collector. You now have the opportunity to start assembling vast amounts of material from your soul's stockpile of experience, if you so choose.

If You Can't Let Go of the Past

You may cling only to the past, holding on to things that used to be. You surround yourself with familiar items, not wanting to face the uncertainty of something new. You resist change with all your might.

Time and time again you fall back on what you know, no matter whether or not it is right at the moment. As time slips by, you get further out of date. In your mind, however, nothing has changed. It is the same as it always has been.

What might happen if I remain in the past?

Your comfort zone will shrink as you find that you do not now enjoy some of the things you used to enjoy. Old friends may drift away, but new ones are hard to come by. You will be left alone with your mementos and possessions.

With your knowledge of self-hypnosis, you may now view the old and new from a comfortable trance state. You can imagine trying and experiencing something new before you actually do it. You may ask for help from the unconscious and universal minds to represent the integrity of the past as you journey into the future. Even as you read these words, the past has extended itself into what used to be the future. Through self-hypnosis, you may represent both the old and the new.

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