New-Hire Paperwork

You already have a signed application, your interview notes, and documentation from reference checks to start the personnel file. The actual file will be explained in more detail in Chapter 5, but getting it started involves some forms required by law before a person starts working. Some states require that employees are “on the clock” when they fill-out employment papers, so check the laws in your state. Contact your state labor board (see Appendix C), or to save time and be on the safe side, go ahead and have the employee clock in when they start the papers. It is a nice gesture to pay someone for his time getting set up as an employee, whether or not it is required.

If the new employee qualifies for the WOTC mentioned in Chapter 1, remember to fill out the paperwork that is required on the employee's first day of work. It would be a shame to loose a tax credit over a sheet of paper that was forgotten.

When you set up the day and time for a new employee to get started, let him know when the workday will end as well. Tell him where to park, what entrance to use, a recap of the dress code, and if there are facilities for storing and heating-up lunch. Also, let him know how long the lunch break is so he can determine if there is enough time to go out and buy lunch if he wishes. Taking a new employee out for lunch on his first day is something to consider, too, but only if it is something that you do for everyone.

Try to have a timecard ready for the employee on the first day and show him how to use the time clock when you're ready to get started. Let him know what is expected regarding the use and care of the timecard.

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