Showing That You Care

There are many ways to show employees that you care about their opinions and that they are valuable to the company. These can be fun and relatively inexpensive:

  • All-employee staff meetings to keep everyone informed about things they should know about the company. Include lunch for an added treat.

  • Monthly newsletter to announce new hires, service anniversaries, and promotions. Highlight an employee or two each month.

  • Suggestion box. Read each suggestion and respond during the staff meetings. If a suggestion cannot be accommodated, explain why or offer an alternative.

  • Purchase a big birthday cake on the first of every month to celebrate everyone who is having a birthday.

  • Free car wash for all employees twice a year. The cars are washed by the supervisors and managers in the parking lot.

An employee-satisfaction survey is one way to show your employees that you care about their happiness at work. You can do this informally by distributing survey forms yourself and asking employees to fill out and return them, with or without their name. You can also hire the services of a third party to conduct the survey. This will usually deliver the most accurate results since any unhappy employees who are afraid to speak up don't have to worry about their handwriting being recognized. The questions on the survey should ask their opinion about pay, benefits, training, advancement opportunities, work environment, fair treatment, and a rating of the supervisory and management staff.

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