Handling Telephone Inquiries

Some applicants may call you after an interview to inquire whether you have made a decision. You may not have decided who to hire yet because you have only one position open and several qualified applicants. It could take a day just to review the applications and interview notes and determine who is best qualified for the job. Additionally, there is the issue of conducting reference checks or waiting for background or screening results to come back. The whole process can take a few days. To help alleviate the waiting period for applicants, let them know how long you expect it to take to make a decision.

It is likely that the people you interview have also applied at other companies. The most qualified candidates will be hired quickly. An efficient, timely hiring process will help you get the applicants you want before the competition gets them. Reference checks are usually the hold up. Be proactive and start calling previous employers right away.

You may meet an applicant who has crossed the line between showing an interest in working for you and being annoying or aggressive. Someone who calls too often to see if you have made a decision is showing a lack of patience. When this happens, tell her when you will be in touch and ask her to wait for you to contact her, or say something like, “If you don't hear from me by Wednesday at 2:00, feel free to call again.” Then see if she is able to follow instructions.

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