1. Riding horses is good exercise and lots of fun.

2. Learning to ride instills confidence and self-esteem in kids and adults alike.

3. Taking care of a horse teaches kids valuable lessons about ownership, responsibility, and respect for another creature's well-being.

4. Learning to ride teaches you how to face and deal with your own fears and self-doubts.

5. Being around horses helps you stay in touch with and appreciate the natural world.

6. Riding gives you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and view vistas from trails and meadows like no other sport can.

7. Sharing an interest in horse-related activities enables family members to spend quality time with one another.

8. Riding horses is good exercise and lots of fun.

9. Learning to communicate with an animal that doesn't speak our language is an immensely satisfying and fulfilling achievement.

10. Gaining a horse's trust, getting to know him as an individual, and learning to enjoy his companionship are growth experiences that will change you forever.

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