Attaining a Well-Rounded Education

When you write down the events of a typical day, you're often surprised to see how many things are accomplished in one day. At the same time, it may become clearer that some things are not receiving as much attention as others. Maybe you don't spend as much time on art, music, character education, physical education, or life skills as you had planned.

Now is a good time to reconsider your daily schedule and determine how to work toward a more well-rounded education for your children. You don't want to overburden your day by adding more than it can hold. Instead, spread subjects over the course of a week or a couple weeks. In this way, you'll open up more time each day to include character education, life skills, or other topics that haven't received as much attention lately.

Remember when you attended middle school or high school? One semester or six-week period was devoted to home economics, one was devoted to shop, one to art, one to music, and so on. Similarly, you can find blocks of time for these and other topics, without having to squeeze everything into each day. At the end of three months or six months, when you look back over the many topics your child has covered, you'll be impressed with the well-rounded education she is receiving.

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