Faith-Based Homeschooling

Many families believe that a spiritual foundation is key to a moral education. If this describes your family's philosophy, a multitude of curricula and materials are available for your faith-based homeschool. You may use a traditional curriculum similar to the one taught in public schools, such as the suggestions noted above, and add a study unit based on your family's religious beliefs. Or you may prefer that each subject area of the curriculum incorporates your family's spiritual beliefs.

A science curriculum, for example, may be secular and focus more on an evolutionary theory, while a faith-based science curriculum may incorporate a creationist point of view. These can be important points for families to consider when purchasing curriculum and supplemental books.

Homeschool curriculums and books are available for nearly every religious belief and culture. From Catholic to Islamic, Jewish, Latter-Day Saints, or Native American, you'll be able to find resources to suit your family's homeschool style.

Christian Homeschool Choices

If you plan to incorporate Christian doctrines into your homeschool, you'll have a multitude of curricula and materials to choose from. Many of the Christian correspondence schools and curriculum companies offer testing services, evaluations, grading, record keeping, and diplomas. You often have the choice of teacher assistance to help guide you through the school year, or you can be in charge of the program yourself, allowing for more flexibility.

Abeka ( provides a curriculum package with or without teacher assistance, as well as educational programs available via video or DVD and numerous textbooks to choose from. The A.C.E. program ( provides a packaged curriculum, or you may enroll your child in their Lighthouse Christian Academy. With Alpha Omega (, you can choose the LIFEPAC curriculum, the Switched-on Schoolhouse curriculum on a CD, or Switched-on Online (

Bob Jones University Press ( offers a complete curriculum, or you can choose from textbooks, videos, satellite programs, and other resources. The Christian Liberty Academy School System, called CLASS (, provides a curriculum based upon each child's needs and abilities, plus a full-service plan or a family-service plan, which allows you to control the workload.

Catholic Homeschool Choices

The Catholic Homeschool Support ( provides information and support for Catholic homeschoolers. Seton School ( and Kolbe Academy ( both offer a full curriculum for kindergarten through the twelfth grade. Catholic books, games, and other supplemental materials are available through Heritage Catholic Curricula (

More Faith-Based Homeschool Choices

Islamic and Muslim homeschoolers can look to Yemen Links for lesson plan materials and support, as well as Arabic and Yemen resources (

The Muslim Home Education Network provides information and support at, as does Muslim Homeschool in America at

Jewish families can find homeschool supplies at Behrman House Publishers ( and Torah Aura Productions (

Latter-Day Saints can contact the LDS Homeschooling Organization at or the Latter-Day Saints Home Educators Association at for homeschooling information, curriculum, and books.

Native American families can find support in the Native Americans for Home Education at The organization provides educational resources and support group information.

Additional homeschool organizations and groups can be found on Whatever your spiritual beliefs, there are resources, books, and curriculum designed just for you and your family.

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