Finally, “In Closing …”

Plan to celebrate! You have earned it. If you are buying as a couple or as friends, bring champagne to the closing so you can toast each other later in your new home, where you will no doubt head immediately after taking title. You might want to make plans to go out for a celebratory dinner. If you are buying alone, have a special lunch or dinner with friends. If this is your first home purchase, it calls for some special commemoration of this rite of passage. Do something you will remember — you're a homeowner now! Your house-buying homework is almost over, but not quite. Do follow up with phone calls to your lawyer and or real-estate agent in a week or two for material you did not receive at the closing but that was promised you. It will take four to six weeks for the lawyer to send you a copy of the recorded deed, but other information you requested should be forthcoming more quickly.

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