Each state has a real estate authority, which governs real estate transactions and administers the state's specific requirements and regulations. They are usually called the Real Estate Commission or Real Estate Division.

Your licensed real estate agent has received training and is well aware of your state's regulations and requirements. But if you are selling your home without an agent, it is important to contact the body that governs real estate transactions in your state. They can offer a wealth of information, tell you which forms you must complete, what disclosures you must provide, and a lot of other useful information to help ensure that your sale is legal and complies with all of your state's demands. They cannot give legal advice, however. You will need an attorney for those questions.

Following are the phone numbers for the Real Estate Commission or Real Estate Division for every state and the District of Columbia:

Alabama: 334-242-5544

Alaska: 907-269-8160

Arizona: 602-468-1414

Arkansas: 501-683-8010

California, Northern: 916-227-0864

California, Southern: 213-576-6982

Colorado: 303-894-2166

Connecticut: 860-713-6150

Delaware: 302-739-6150

District of Columbia: 202-442-4320

Florida: 407-245-0800

Georgia: 404-656-3916

Hawaii: 808-586-2643

Idaho: 208-334-3285

Illinois: 217-785-9300

Indiana: 317-232-2980

Iowa: 515-281-7393

Kansas: 785-296-3411

Kentucky: 502-425-4273

Louisiana: 225-765-0191

Maine: 207-624-8603

Maryland: 410-230-6200

Massachusetts: 617-727-2373

Michigan: 517-241-9288

Minnesota: 615-296-4026

Mississippi: 601-932-9191

Missouri: 573-751-2628

Montana: 406-444-2961

Nebraska: 402-471-2004

Nevada, Northern: 775-687-4280

Nevada, Southern: 702-486-4033

New Hampshire: 603-271-2701

New Jersey: 609-292-8280

New Mexico: 800-801-7505

New York: 518-473-2728

North Carolina: 919-875-3700

North Dakota: 701-328-9749

Ohio: 614-466-4100

Oklahoma: 405-521-3387

Oregon: 503-378-4170

Pennsylvania: 717-783-3658

Rhode Island: 401-222-2255

South Carolina: 803-896-4400

South Dakota: 605-773-3600

Tennessee: 615-741-2273

Texas: 512-465-3900

Utah: 801-530-6747

Vermont: 802-828-3228

Virginia: 804-367-8526

Washington: 360-664-6500

West Virginia: 304-558-3555

Wisconsin: 608-266-5511

Wyoming: 307-777-7141

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