The Waiting Game

Once you have an accepted contract on your house, there is a period of time, usually between thirty and sixty days, where the buyer performs all the tasks necessary to complete the purchase. You spend the majority of this time waiting for answers, while the buyer or his agent coordinates all the tasks. You or your agent will have the timeline of events to keep tabs on the buyer. If you stay informed at each step in the process, it will make the waiting less painful.

Use the waiting time to continue packing. If you have been in the house a long time, packing will be the biggest task of the selling and moving process. Remember, it is easier to stack boxes if they are all the same size. Place them in one staging area so you can continue to live comfortably. Be sure to label them!

Check in with your agent if she does not check in with you. At the beginning of the escrow, there will probably be new information about once a week and more often as you move closer to the closing. Once the inspections are completed, you or your agent will be scheduling repairs and having them accomplished. When things are happening and you are not just waiting, the time will pass more quickly. Sometimes it actually goes too fast and projects like packing can get away from you.

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