Why Cubase?

Good question! First, let's agree in general that demonstrating recording on a studio-in-a-box is difficult, because many of the functions take place on a small LCD screen. Demonstrating through diagrams simply won't do it, either. That leaves us with computer software, which has the best mix of functionality and graphics, as a useful example. Plus, whether you like it or not, home recording is headed to the computer.

As for why Cubase specifically? Because it works the same on Macs and PCs, and can work with any audio input hardware you choose. This is something that the other cross-platform contender, Pro Tools, doesn't allow. Also, it's a very popular and powerful software program capable of making incredible music.

This is not an endorsement of Cubase or a manual for using it. We're simply showing you all the tools we've discussed so far, and making some music with them. We're going to set up a basic mix with MIDI and audio, mix those tracks, add EQ and effects, perform some MIDI editing, and best of all, show you how it's done.

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