Lighting Your Bathroom

While few families have money and energy to completely remodel the bathroom, you can drastically improve the mood and feel of your bathroom by adjusting the lights. If you have fluorescent fixtures, you might want to replace the bulbs with fluorescents that have a warmer glow. Ask about these bulbs at any hardware store. If you have the opportunity and inclination, you might also decide to replace those fixtures entirely with lighting that is more soothing.

Lighting Tips

Ideally, your lighting will be shadow- and glare-free. To create a look that you love, think about the time of day when the light most appeals to you. Some people are early birds and love the bright morning sun, while others enjoy the mellow afternoon light. As you consider different lighting options, think about the quality of light that each fixture offers and check it against the quality of sunlight during your favorite time of the day.

You can even out the lighting around a mirror by placing a sconce on either side of it. You can also increase the coziness of your tub or shower by installing a recessed fixture that is designed to withstand moisture. If your bathroom is often chilly, you might want to place a heat lamp over the shower or tub. This relatively cheap enhancement could greatly increase your comfort.

Economical Lighting

The cheapest way to improve your bathroom lighting is to install a dimmer switch. This will allow you to adjust a single fixture to make it better suited to your needs — you may wish to use the lights in full force on a cold winter's morning, but in the evening, when you want to soak in the tub, you might prefer a dim bathroom with candles. Low lighting can make even a very regular bathroom feel more luxurious.

To save money when replacing the lighting in your bathroom, the EPA recommends using residential lighting fixtures with the Energy Star label. These lighting fixtures provide quality, color, and brightness with compact fluorescent-lighting technology. Some people, however, find fluorescent lights to be unflattering, even the warmer varieties. Make sure you test any lighting options before purchasing them. The look of the fixture is as important as the glow of the bulb. You want to be sure that you're fully aware of the effect of both before purchasing a new fixture.

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