Needs-Based Selling

Once customers respond to your marketing strategies, you need to move them from “interested” to “sold.” To do this, focus not just on the features of your product or service, but on the benefits that those features offer. Talking about benefits changes the focus from what you're selling to what your customers need. Obviously, whatever it is that you're selling is designed to meet your customers' needs, but by focusing on needs first and features second, you connect much more effectively.

For example, you offer a high-quality dog grooming service. But what's the benefit to your customers? Maybe it's a cleaner house and less time spent vacuuming up pet hair. Maybe it's a healthier, happier pet, because a well-groomed coat helps prevent skin irritations.

Figuring out the benefits often begins with identifying customer needs. Are your customers looking for convenience and saving time (need)? Your service offers a convenient location and flexible hours (features), allowing them to drop Fido off on the way to work and pick him up later (benefits). Do your customers want only the best for their dogs? Invite them for a facility tour, where they can see that you keep things spotless and use only the best shampoos.

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