Top 10 Reasons to Run Your Own Home-Based Business

  1. When you own a home-based business, you have the opportunity to make your living — fully or in part — by doing something that you love.

  2. You may put in long hours as a home-based business owner, but the rewards for those hours will be yours — not someone else's.

  3. From your clients and customers to your advisors and suppliers, you're able to choose the people with whom you work when you run a business.

  4. The ability to set the hours for your own business can create a quality of life for you and your family that's difficult to achieve when you work for someone else.

  5. From managing sales to producing your goods or services, running a business can help you achieve a level of self-fulfillment and self-confidence beyond that of a regular workplace.

  6. The opportunity to make your own decisions can be exhilarating — you may have to live with a few mistakes along the way, but you'll learn from them…and your successful decisions will be your own.

  7. No one limits your potential when you own your own business: If you have a dream, you can pursue it as far as you want.

  8. Whether you're coming up with new products or new marketing campaigns, owning a business gives you the freedom to be as creative and innovative as you want.

  9. A home-based business allows you to put your efforts toward whatever causes you believe are important.

  10. As an entrepreneur — and that's exactly what a home-based business owner is — you'll be setting a great example for your kids about believing in, and achieving, your personal goals.

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