Crying Spells

If you’ve got PMS, just seeing a dramatic movie, reading a touching book, or being on the receiving end of an angry word set off a crying spell. Whatever the circumstance, some women to cry a lot in the one or two weeks before their period for no apparent reason. Why do they do this? Experts believe is an important way to relieve stress. This fits the PMS scenario perfectly: women with high stress levels are more likely to PMS symptoms, so crying spells are part of that stress reduction process. In addition, their moods are already unstable during so crying is easily triggered.

There’s a lot more to crying than meets the eye. Experts that crying releases certain chemicals and hormones, which explain why most people feel better after crying. It restores the chemical and hormonal balance.


Humans don’t cry when running or engaging in other strenuous activities where rapid breathing is increased.

If you tend to cry during the PMS phase, you can take comfort, at the very least, in the fact that there are physiological reasons for your tears. Unless your crying is part of a wider spectrum of symptoms consistent with depression (in which case you should see a doctor) or your crying is socially inappropriate (e.g., at work), indulge the tears and you'll feel better.

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