Salaries and Job Security

Health care practitioners are some of the most educated and skilled workers in the country, and as such are also some of the best compensated as well. Others in health care are highly skilled experts in technological fields such as sonography. Still others are highly skilled caregivers such as nurses. The education, skills, and caring required in these careers makes these workers not only in high demand, but also extremely valuable in a field that is destined to grow faster than others well into the next decade and beyond.

In some health care fields salaries are still lagging, but shortages and demands are forcing them upward. Sign-on bonuses and other benefit packages and perks are also increasing. It isn't uncommon to find employers offering child care services, house-cleaning services, company cars, and other personal services to attract the finest in various professions.

Negotiating power may not be as strong for entry-level personnel as it can be for more seasoned professionals and managers, but the potential for job growth and advancement is enticing many to enter the field.


With the high demand for health care professionals in most areas, there is frequently a shortage of teachers. Consequently, competition is fierce in many fields for spots in education programs, and students must put forth their best efforts at grades, test scores, essays, personal presentation, and interviews.

Education standards and expectations are high and courses are tough. Almost all fields require a strong command of English (both spoken and written language) — at least a tenth-grade reading comprehension level — as well as strong backgrounds in math and science.

The payoff is that salaries are often attractive because of the education and skills required as well as the growing demands for qualified candidates to fill the positions. Additionally, in an economy that is not very stable, the job security is a strong incentive to enter the field of health care. Even as roles change and paradigms shift, health care professionals are secure in knowing that they can find suitable employment somewhere in the country. It may not necessarily be in their small rural hospital, but they can find a job perhaps in a nearby community or in a larger metropolis a further distance away. This security is expected to hold well into the next decade and beyond.

One of the best perks of any job in the health care field is that it can be one of the most rewarding jobs you can find. Making a difference in someone's life every day is the major reward for all health care workers.

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