Tackling Math and Science

Perhaps you have a burning desire to work in a profession where you can help others, but you cannot pass math. What can you do? Most of the health care professions will deal with math and science because you are working with the human body and its functions. However, there are choices to be made that will not require such an extensive background of math and science.

Working in study groups can be most beneficial as well. Perhaps a fellow student can help explain concepts in a way that you can better understand. Also consider options such as talking with other students and counselors who can offer advice about a professor who is particularly good or helpful for students who have difficulty with the subject.

For most health care professions that involve hands-on patient contact, you will need a significant amount of math and science. This usually means basic algebra, at least.


If you struggle with math, don't be completely discouraged. You can get some additional help with any of the courses you may need to take. Hire a private tutor or seek out additional help or tutoring from your teacher. Sometimes you might need to consider taking only one class for a particular term so that you can concentrate solely on it.

Sciences will include biology, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology. Some programs may require physics and organic chemistry. Basic chemistry will be required for many. Courses in sociology and basic psychology may also be required. To be able to comprehend the reading required for these courses, you will have to have at least a tenth-grade reading/comprehension level. This will require a thorough understanding of the English language, both written and oral.

These courses could be abbreviated for some professions, such as for massage therapists, nurses' aides, and therapy aides, or much more advanced for fields like biomedical engineering. If you really cannot pass math or science, consider some of the ancillary positions in the medical field.

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