The Future of Health Care Jobs

Each chapter has already discussed the future for specific professions. In general, almost all health care professions will continue to grow rapidly over the next decade. There are also many more options that already exist beyond those discussed in this book. Others will continue to evolve as technology improves and new techniques, diagnostics, and treatments are invented and approved.

There will continue to be changes and paradigm shifts in the health care industry due to the current influencing factors, as well as any that may come about from economic changes as well as the political climate of the country.

Cost-containment issues have already forced trends and roles to change, which places more responsibility upon patients for their own health status. This has helped to change some of the litigious climate and eased the focus on malpractice in some areas. It has also changed the focus of the public toward being proactive and demanding preventative education and care. This, in turn, has forced changes in roles for health care professionals and will continue to do so.


Shortages in some fields, such as nursing, will reach a true crisis before they are solved, which will force some creative staffing and treatment changes that could influence much of the medical field and how health care is delivered.

Managed care forced many difficult and uncomfortable changes in the 1990s that the health care industry is still reeling from, but many have eased and evolved into changes that have proven to be better in the long run and have brought about positive results. Cost-containment efforts continue to be a necessary evil in the health care industry and will effect changes for many years to come.

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