Cables and Adapters

Once you get your equipment to the location where you'll be playing, the next step is to get it all to work well in a foreign environment (read: not your living room). Here's a list of items you'll need to ensure that you're able to play when the moment comes.

  • A microphone cable to connect your mic to your amplifier or effects. If you're going to be standing far away from your amp you might also need a microphone extension cable.

  • A heavy duty extension cord for your amp. Most amp power cords are only about six feet long, and the nearest plug might be farther away. Also recommended — a couple of three-prong to two-prong plug adapters and an extra plug with screw terminals for your power cord for that wonderful moment when your plug gets severed right before you're supposed to begin playing.

  • An extra fuse for your amplifier. Fuses don't blow that often, but when they do it's a show-stopper.

  • If you play through a high-impedance microphone and you want to plug into a low-impedance PA system, you might need a direct box that accepts your mic's ¼-inch plug and comes out with a three-pin balanced output jack

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