Renewing Your Sexual Relationship for the Long Term

After rescuing a dormant sex life you will learn that you and your partner have gained a whole new set of cognitive and hands-on skills that can be used again — whenever the need arises. The other thing to take away from this chapter is the certainty that the need for sexual renewal will arise again. Marriage is a work in progress, never static. If it's standing still, that's a danger sign. Each of you matures by going through crises and happy milestones or life passages that will change you, and by extension the marriage.

If you make it as a couple, you will be very different people at the middle and end points of your marriage than you were at the start. If you stay together, it's highly likely you've mastered the art of keeping sexuality alive in whatever ways work for the two of you. Know one thing, as your bodies and minds change, the children come and go, and careers wax and wane, all the ways that work to keep sexuality alive for your relationship will change too.

The only difference from here on is that if you hit another bump in the road, and it starts to feel like the end of your marriage, you might recognize the situation or conflict as another possible new beginning. The wise couple knows when to fight for their relationship and when to capitulate. Be sure to take a good look at what's happening between the two of you, and then turn your gaze inside: Is this crisis an opportunity to alter your own think More often than not, the answer is yes!

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