Standard Progressions

Without noticing that you have been doing it, you have been playing standard chord progressions. What is meant by standard here is “generally accepted” or “normal.” There are standard tunes like “Over the Rainbow,” “Moon River,” and even “Happy Birthday to You” that are created using certain chord progressions, which means that a chord naturally progresses to another chord after it's played. (A G7 chord for example, naturally progresses to a Cmaj7, partly because G is the fifth note in the scale and key of C.)

If you go back to page 106 and look at the chords in the key of C, you'll see that each has a Roman numeral under it. There's a reason for this. Instead of saying C major 7-F major 7-G7, for example, you can just say I IV V. Then you can look at the notes of any major scale, and play the I IV and V chords built on the first, fourth, and fifth notes of the scale. (They would be a major 7, major 7, dominant 7 sequence of chords.)

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