Intermediate Interval Training

Let's revisit the concept of the distance between two notes, called the interval. You'll remember that the frets of a guitar are a half-step or half-tone apart. Now you are going to apply that knowledge to the distance between strings. Look at the diagrams to follow. There are also intervals between the strings. The best way to understand the logic of intervals between strings is to simply look at them! Based on the standard guitar tuning you have been using so far, FIGURES 7-2 through 7-8 show how some of the intervals defined in the list on page 84 look on the guitar neck. Note that in these examples, the numbers in the white circles indicate the string number and the lines connect the two strings together. These intervals can played anywhere on the fretboard.

Once you are familiar with the string spacing regarding intervals, you are on your way to building chords note for note — and that's fun!

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