Wedding Night

You'll also need to make arrangements for your wedding night. If you're flying out of town the next morning, you might want to stay as close to the airport as possible. If you've got a few days to put your feet up and relax, you might be looking for deluxe accommodations.


If you're simply looking for overnight lodgings in town, chances are you won't have time to even step foot on the balcony of your hotel room, let alone take advantage of any honeymoon packages. You'll arrive late in the evening, completely exhausted from the reception; you'll wake up in the morning and you'll be on your way. Look for something reasonably priced, and skip the extras.

If, on the other hand, you have the entire weekend at your disposal, ask your hotel if they offer a honeymoon package. This may include an upgraded room; champagne; room-service breakfasts and dinners; massages; souvenir bathrobes, and those tiny little chocolates on your pillows before bedtime. (All this and cable TV? Who needs to leave town?! You've found the perfect honeymoon spot!)


A small inn can be incredibly romantic — but be aware that everyone knows your business in a place like this. The walls are thin, for one thing, and there's much less anonymity than you'll find in a larger hotel. If you're passing through on your way to other accommodations, an inn might be fine for a night — but for a longer stay, or for your actual wedding night, think private.

Home Sweet Home

It may be more practical and economical for you to spend your wedding night in your own home, especially if the two of you have been living together before the wedding. You have everything you need right there, after all; you won't have to lug your suitcases to the reception; there's no hassle of checking in; you'll both sleep well in your own bed; and you don't have to worry about tipping anyone.

If you're going all-out on your honeymoon expenses and you just can't justify spending your wedding night in a top-dollar suite somewhere across town, no one says you have to. You've already established the perfect little newly-wed nest; no sense letting it go to waste.

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